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International Epilepsy Awarness Day


Trace on the Good Morning world show was joined by Derek Fox from Plymouth Epilepsy Support Group, He spoke with Trace about Epilepsy and their big event coming this Tuesday

Derek also spoke about the Do's & Don't about helping someone that is having an epilectic fit:


- Remove any items from around them where posible

- Place a soft opject such as a pillow, blanket or item of clothing under their head to support and aviod any damage.


- Avoid touching them, They can uncontrolably move thier arms and legs which can cause injury to your self.

Derek also spoke to Trace about the upcoming international epilepsy event that is taking place in Plymouth City Center on Tuesday 26th March from 12pm

More details about this can be found on their facebook event

Derek also explained that the internation colour for epilepsy is PURPLE so we ask that on Tuesday 26th March that you wear a purple item of clothing.... or completely purple... Your choice!

Omnium Radio are hoping to be braudcasting LIVE from the International Awareness Day event in Plymouth from 12pm.

Please keep watch on our facebook page for more details if that will be happening!


Trace and the Westcoutry Wasps Joined Derek and the rest of the Epilepsy group at the Piazza they rasied a total of £2,100

A big well done to them all!