Welcome to Omnium Radio CIC

Omnium Radio are based all around equal opportunities  within the community.
We  are a proud team of volunteers that work together to produce a radio station all about helping others.
Anyone is welcome at Omnium Radio CIC, no matter what their    previous experience, learning abilities  or personal identity. 
Our mission is to bring together the  community through media & performing arts.

We have a number of projects open to anyone that wishes to be involved, please take a good look around our website,

there may be something for you to be involved with! 

Competition Time

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The One Second Song

Can you guess the one second song?

Listen to the one second clip an guess the song for a chance to win!

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Are you team A or B?

Who will win the Mid-Week Quiz?

Pledge your allegiance to a team captain, If they win, you could win!

Foxie's Famous Faces

Guess the famous faces

We have merged together 3 famous faces, can you guess what they are?


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