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    • Unusual things in Plymouth available on Facebook market place

      We have all search Facebook market place for pre-loved goods when we cant get them in the shops or delivery is going to take too long. Here are some of the unusual items we found in Plymouth on 11th October 2020. We'll include the links, in case they are still available, and you might want them! Wooden Barrels This listing is for bulk orders of 40 gallon whisky barrels. These barrels make great garden features. Bulk orders as follows: 8 barrels delivered £280 [£35 per barrel] 16 barrels delivered £520 [£32.50 per barrel] 24 barrels delivered £720 [£30 per barrel] 32 barrels+ £28 per barrel. Click Here for the original Listing FREE Bath Tubs Do you have a use for 2x used bath tubs? Maybe to build a small pond in your garden? Well today is your lucky day, here are 2 for FREE. Click here for the original listing. Tazmanian Devil Garden Ornament Love looney toons? Love TAZ? You're going to love this and at a steady price of £45 Click Here for the original listing. Worry Hand From what we can see from the working on this item The light changes if you are stress free? Maybe this is a great addition to your home or workplace? Click here for the original listing Train Set 6 x 4 DC railway layout In good condition. As photos. With 1 single and 1 double transformer for 2 circuits and one separate siding. Lots of detail. All working but may need some TLC (track cleaning etc) as not used for some time. Larger engines can derail on points shown in separate picture so may need these refitting (ok with smaller locos). All track on main running lines nickel silver and some on sidings are steel. Nice layout and pretty much ready to go. Can be stored in its side if necessary. Will need a van probably as wider than average car and wouldn’t recommend putting on roof rack. Need trains? Will be selling some of these to downsize, just ask. 😊 Collection only Click Here for original listing Have you spotted an unsual listing on facebook market place? Let us know at

    • 3-2-gum! go :(

      It is utterly horrible, wherever you go whether it be Plymouth or anywhere else in the U.K, you will see the pictures below. That's right chewing gum everywhere. :( And so what I hear you cry, this like everything else, costs money to remove/clean up. As the link below will show us. Click here for gum costings So I thought I would, take a walk around Plymouth and see how bad the problem really is, the picture I took, was quite shocking. I spoke to a Plymouth resident whilst out, who said: " it is a huge issue in Plymouth, and makes are City look cheap and unkempt'' and suggested maybe some form of " gum bin "? to put used gum into?. Also, you may not think it, but you can be fined, for spitting gum out onto the pavement, click here to find out more. I was amazed to see that " gum bins " do actually exist, something I was totally unaware of, whilst investigating this subject. I have not seen any gum bins in Plymouth, but if they exist please send us your pictures of them and their location, so we can see which areas need them, if they don't exist in Plymouth, maybe contact the Council to get them installed in our City Council. However, if the council won't install them if needed, how about we turn it into art?. As seen in the image below, let us know your views. If you have any information about this article, please contact

    • Plymouth's Oldest running LGBT+ venue under fire by locals

      If you live in or visit Plymouth and are part of the LGBT+ community you most certainly would know about the swallow and it's inherent reputation with in the LGBT+ community of Plymouth. This week social media has taken a big boom towards the venue following a small protest outside the once popular venue. The protest was performed by 6 individuals of which some members identify as either Trans, Gender Neutral or Gender Fluid. Reports on social media suggest that the locals are no longer happy with the environment that the current management have allowed to conjure over the past months / years. The venues Facebook page has been hit hard with reviews from members of the community. One reviewer wrote: ''I’d love to say that bigotry has no place in the Plymouth LGBT+ scene. But it does. And it’s called The Swallow. The venue continues to support xenophobic members of the community and , when met with a peaceful protest, will get aggressive and not listen. I used to love this pub, but it’s now a safe haven for hate'' This backlash from the public has arisen after a situation occurred within the venue involving a member of staff and one of the protesters. It's reported that an inappropriate comment was made, and when a complaint was issued, the staff became volatile towards the individual. Claims of the member of staff assaulting the customer have also be reports. It's unaware of police are dealing with this situation. We have contacted the venue and are currently waiting for a response. Earlier in the year Plymouth held a trans-equality demonstration in the town centre. If you have any information on this article please email

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    • Christmas Album Fundraiser | Omnium Radio CIC | Plymouth

      An Omnium Christmas 2020 Welcome to the first fundraising musical collaboration Christmas album by various artist. We want to start by saying a massive thank you to all those who took the time to donate their time, talents and skills in music to Omnium Radio CIC ​ As a CIC we care about the community. As a music based company we care about musicians and the music industry for most. ​ All the proceeds of this album will be going to a great cause, with 25% of the proceeds for this album purchased before 23rd December 2020 will be shared to Operation Snow which help give Christmas to those less fortunate in their time of need. ​ The other 75% will be going directly to the projects that Omnium Radio CIC run, supplying opportunities in music to those with additional needs. ​ Please support us by buy this digital album for downloading. Share the link on your social media to help other to know about this album. ​ If you love it! Let us know on our Facebook page! ​ More tracks to be added before 31st October - AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM 1ST NOVEMBER Special Thank you to all the contributing musicians Jack Lancaster Daniel Rudge Le Francais Sarah Hayes Graham Morford Harris Duetsch The Double A Band

    • Lester Goes LIVE | Omnium Radio CIC | Plymouth

      22nd Oct Top O'The Pops Listen Now on MixCloud 20th Oct Morning Show Listen Now on MixCloud 13th Oct The Good Ol'days Listen Now on MixCloud 21st Oct Morning Show Listen Now on MixCloud 16th Oct Morning Show Listen Now on MixCloud 8th October Top O'The Pops Listen Now on MixCloud Lester Goes LIVE The legendary voice of the charities and factoid extraordinaire Lester Jones is LIVE On Omnium Radio ​ Lester's Morning Show every morning except Thursdays & Mondays at 09:00 Lester's Top O'The Pops Thursdays & Sundays at 19:00 All Omnium Radio MixCloud playback are sponsored by Artern: Enriching the next generation CIC Lester Goes LIVE Lester Goes LIVE Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing LIVE with Adam Hart Davis 09:51 Play Video Now Playing LIVE with Toby G MBE 07:27 Play Video Now Playing Teaching Trace to Dance! 05:28 Play Video

    • DJ Burlee Show | Omnium Radio CIC | Plymouth

      DJ Burlee Show Tune in with DJ Burlee every Wednesday at 4:30pm as he returns to Omnium Radio after taking time out during the Pandemic. ​ His relaunch show will be on the 5th July. 22nd September 2020 Listen Now on MixCloud 7th Oct ft. Karen Payne Listen Now on MixCloud 15th Oct Listen Now on MixCloud 1st October Listen Now on MixCloud All Omnium Radio MixCloud playback are sponsored by Artern: Enriching the next generation CIC DJ Burlee Show DJ Burlee Show Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing DJ Burlee Joined by Shanel Chalmers 06:27 Play Video

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