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    • Face Masks / Covering to become mandatory in work / public places.

      Talks from 10 downing Street is that face mask and coverings will become mandatory with in all public and work place buildings.

    • The solution?, or just rubbish.

      We totally understand the anger from people who see rubbish in lanes, We are not talking about a single piece of wood, but the mattress you see up against the wall; and bad as this is, we also have to remember some people may be on universal credit and simply cannot afford to have it removed.

    • Surreal, but nice...

      As it was date night we chose for the car stereo so we could still talk to each other.

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    • Talk It Out Show | Omnium Radio CIC | Plymouth

      Talk It Out Show Have something to say? Come talk about it with our very own DJ Foxy. Talk about anything LIVE on Omnium Radio every Friday at 14:00 ​ Can you guess ''Foxies Famous Faces''? Click here to have a look 16th Oct Listen Now on MixCloud 2nd Oct Listen Now on MixCloud 9th Oct Listen Now on MixCloud 25th September 2020 Listen Now on MixCloud All Omnium Radio MixCloud playbacks are sponsored by Artern: Enriching the next generation CIC The Talk It Out Show on Omnium Radio is sponsored by: Talk It Out Show Talk It Out Show Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video...

    • Omnium Radio CIC | Foxies Famous Faces |Barne Barton

      Tune in to The Talk It Out Show on Fridays between 14:00 - 16:00 for clues.

    • Weird & Wonderful Show | Omnium Radio CIC | Plymouth

      Weird, Wonderful & Wacky Show Join DJ Aiken, DJ Cox, DJ Dimmick as they talk all things weird, wonderful & wicked. ​

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