Mid-Week Quiz

 Charlie TC    Vs Megan Leigh  
1st July    2020

Charlie T-Curtis Vs Mike Holt

10th June    2020

Charlie Vs   DJ Foxy
17th June 2020

Charlie T-Curtis Vs Ewok
27th May 2020

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Current  Captain    Leader Board


Charlie T-Curtis with 4 consecutive wins 
Highest Score 20
- DJ Foxy x2

- Ewok (Simon Painter)
- Mike Holt


DJ Timmsy with 2 previous wins

Highest Score 27
- Laura Mervyn
- Sharon Clements


Megan Leigh with 1 previous wins

Highest Score 26
- Charlie T-Curtis


DJ Foxy with 1 previous wins

Highest Score 16
- Cindy Willcocks

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Who's got the brains?

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